Reptiles and Amphibians of Knowland Park

Knowland Park is home to a rich array of reptiles and amphibians thanks to its variety of high quality habitat. Often hidden, these creatures are some of the most colorful animals in the park. Trapping done in the proposed zoo project area to assess the presence of the threatened Alameda whipsnake found not only the whipsnake, but individuals of the numerous species shown in the slideshow (with the exception of the ring-necked snake confirmed by another observer). Winter is an excellent time to find salamanders and other amphibians like the Pacific chorus frog–be sure to listen for the “ribbit” call of the male. Later in spring as the weather warms, snakes and lizards emerge from their hibernation and amphibians disappear into moist hiding spots to rest until the fall rains return.

If you are fortunate enough to observe or photograph any of these animals, please contact us with the date and location of your observation. We appreciate the submission of any photos.

Photos in this slide show have been provided by Gary Nafis of and will be replaced with photos taken in Knowland Park as they become available. Alameda whipsnake photos courtesy of David Gowen.

Click on any image below to start a slide show.

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