Welcome to the California Chaparral Institute, the Newest Member of the Knowland Park Coalition

The California Chaparral Institute has joined the Knowland Park Coalition. Located in Escondido, California, CCI is a non-profit organization of naturalists, scientists, wildland firefighters, and educators who value the chaparral as both a valuable resource and a place to enjoy the wilderness. Providing “a voice for the chaparral,” CCI joins the Knowland Park Coalition to help educate the public on the value of the maritime chaparral found in Knowland Park and to speak up for its protection.

CCI recognizes the threat that the Oakland Zoo expansion project poses to our rare maritime chaparral stand. It has fought similar poorly planned development that results in the accompanying fuels management that decimates this resource.

Rick Halsey, Director and Founder of CCI, acknowledged the work of our coalition: “Your group is a model of citizen activism.” CCI joins a list of prestigious environmental organizations dedicated to protecting the native communities found in Knowland Park. We welcome their support. Visit their website at www.californiachaparral.com.

Laura Baker is an environmental activist and former Conservation Chair of the California Native Plant Society. Growing up in Missouri, she learned that the cure for most ills rests in spending time out in nature. She wishes for every child to have the experience of wholeness that nature provides. Laura holds an M.A. in Ecology and Systematic Biology.

Laura’s Knowlander blog is dedicated to building an online library of the natural history of Knowland Park so that the public may enjoy the park for the natural heritage treasure that it is. Knowing the land is a never ending process of inquiry open to all. We welcome your comments, contributions, and photos

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2 Responses to Welcome to the California Chaparral Institute, the Newest Member of the Knowland Park Coalition

  1. chaparralian April 26, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    Great to be on board to support all of you! Keep up the excellent work.
    Rick Halsey

  2. Dr. Safira April 30, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Knowland Park, the zoo, the children’s play area and rides–not the menton the adult areas of entertainment and enjoyment–what fun I had as a grandmother taking my gandhilcdren to the zoo.  Today, they are all in college, one to be a Pediatrician; another as a delegate to the USA Olympics, another soon to be a name in media–yet,,I still recall the fun we had explorng the zoo–across the street from my home. 
    As a published author and public speaker, I would like to volunteer as a speaker or writer for the zoo fund. 

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