Measure A1 Did Not Pass – Against the Odds, Old Fashioned Grassroots Campaigning Worked!

Although votes are still being counted, there is as of now no mathematical or practical possibility that the pro-A1 side could get enough votes to achieve the needed 2/3 majority. They would now need more than 100% of the remaining votes to be yes. So, thanks to all the tremendous effort put forth by so many people, the zoo’s million-dollar campaign did not succeed – just as we hoped, the public sorted this one out for themselves after they read the measure and realized they weren’t being told the full story by Measure A1 proponents.

And it’s clear that it wasn’t just general anti-tax sentiment that accounts for this: Not only did Proposition 30 pass, but as of now, more than 21,000 MORE people voted “No” on Measure A1 than voted “No” on Measure B1, the transportation tax measure. Were it simply anti-tax sentiment, one would expect those two to be very close. So Thanks to All of You for everything you did to spread the word!

The final count may not be certified for another week or two, but we wanted to share this good news – we can all stop being nervous about any last minute fluke changing the outcome, and start the next steps in our campaign to save Knowland Park!

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