Letter to Editor applauds preservation of our local parkland

walk in the KP_5-11jhBelow is an article about a remarkable effort to preserve our valuable local parkland, followed by a Letter to the Editor from a Save Knowland Park volunteer.


 One man’s love letter to East Bay park trails

CHIP JOHNSON (11/3/15)

Stan Dodson is an unassuming operations manager for La Farine, a three-store bakery chain in the East Bay, and he decided to produce a movie about his vision of Oakland. It’s spectacular… his focus is on how a single trailhead near one of his bakeries leads to a system of some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful parks and redwood forests… See One man’s love letter to East Bay park trails on Page C1 of Tuesday, November 03, 2015 issue of San Francisco Chronicle



Letters to the Editor

Re: Chip Johnson 11/3/15 Trailhead movie

Thanks to Chip Johnson for writing about Stan Dodson’s movie, Trailhead, and his experience of our East Bay parks. Like Dodson and many others, I appreciate living in the East Bay, with public parks and abundant wildlife nearby. Preserving rare habitat and public access to the western highlands of Knowland Park were the reasons that Friends of Knowland Park and its allies worked so hard, persuading Oakland’s Planning Department and City Council to insist that the zoo make sensible changes to their expansion project. Unfortunately, Oakland’s shortsighted Council and Mayor gave the public’s precious land away. Now the heart of Knowland Park is shattered, contrary to the Zoo’s PR machine. Bulldozers quickly laid waste to native plants and their supporting soils; chain saws have ripped apart over 50 heritage oaks. People will never again have open access to its breathtaking views, to walk its native grasslands, or wander freely among its unspoiled oak woodlands. Fortunately, there were wiser and more generous people in Oakland’s past who worked to preserve natural places for later generations. We must continue the tradition of preserving and caring for our natural places, ensuring that those who come after us will have trails to follow. (Barbara Kluger, Oakland, 11/5/15)

From LETTERS TO THE EDITOR on Page A13 of Thursday, November 05, 2015 issue of San Francisco Chronicle (Look for “Preserve habitats”.)


Oakland Zoo’s destruction in Knowland Park wildland has begun:

fence destruction 35fence destruction 19

fence destruction 10fence destruction 17fence destruction 31fence destruction 12

fence construction 43 - no fence around trees during constructionfence construction 42 RPZ 10-20-2015

fence destruction 03 fence destruction 29

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