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Links and Documents

Official Documents, and Construction and Planning Drawings
(Text documents are below. Also, see the Maps page.)
Revised Biological Assessment, March 2013 Planning Docs acquired Jan 4. 2013
Public Records Request of California State Parks, Nov. 2012
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    State Grant Application Aug. 2011 New Management Agreement, July 2011
    City Council Agreement to Amend Management Agreement, July, 2011
    Official Documents, Provided by City Attorney in response to PRR 5870, Aug, 2011 The City Council's Conditions of Approval of the Zoo Master Plan
    Friends of Knowland Park submissions to Oakland City Council for June 21 meeting:
  • Friends of Knowland Park Letter
  • 2005 Zoo Request for Financial Bailout
  • Sudden Oak Death Expert Testimony
  • Shute, Mihaly, Weinberger Legal Advisory
  • Brohard Expert Testimony
  • Ramanathan Paper on Climate Change
  • US EPA Assessment of Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust
  • Urgent
    City and Zoo submissions to Oakland City Council for June 21 meeting:
  • Planning Dept. Staff Presentation
  • Zoo Submission to City Council
  • City Clerk Official Notice of Determination
  • June 21 City Council Meeting Agenda
    June 21 City Council Meeting Clerk's Summary

    Attachments to Clerk's Summary:
  • AgendaReport.pdf
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  • AttachmentB.pdf
  • AttachmentC.pdf
  • AttachmentD.pdf
  • AttachmentE.pdf
  • AttachmentF.pdf
  • AttachmentG.pdf
  • AttachmentH.pdf
  • AttachmentI.pdf
  • AttachmentJ.pdf
  • AttachmentK.pdf
  • AttachmentL.pdf
  • AttachmentM.pdf
  • June 17, 2011 Records mandated by EBZS management contract, requested, and partially provided:
  • Section 8: EBZS Tax Reports
  • Section 10: Capital Improvements - Expenses
  • Section 13c: Inventory of Animals
  • Section 15: EBZS Financial Statement
  • Section 16: Inventory of Tangible Property
  • Section 19: EBZS Articles of Incorporation
  • Section 20: ESBZ Insurance Coverage - too large to include
  • Section 23g: EBZS Benefits Pamphlet
  • Section 23g: List of employee classifications, pay, benefits
  • Section 27: Minutes of EBZS Board of Directors meetings*
  • (* not provided)
  • May 23, 2011 Knowland Park Coalition Request for Reports to City Required by 2005 EBZS Management Contract April 20, 2011 City Releases Responses to Citizen Comments
    March 16, 2011 City Releases Staff Report on SMND/A March 14, 2011 Citizen Comments on the Amendment to Zoo Master Plan: Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration/Addendum
    February 11, 2011 City of Oakland Amendment to Zoo Master Plan: Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration/Addendum, Volume 1

    33.6 MegaByte PDF File, 472 Pages
    Expect Long Download Times
    February 11, 2011 City of Oakland Amendment to Zoo Master Plan: Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration/Addendum, Volume 2

    79.9 MegaByte PDF File, 810 Pages
    Expect Long Download Times

    February 11, 2011 City of Oakland Notice of Intent to Not Perform a Full Environmental Impact Study, Side 1

    February 11, 2011 City of Oakland Notice of Intent to Not Perform a Full Environmental Impact Study, Side 2

    April 1, 2010 Zoo Filing: Documents Submitted to Oakland Planning Division.

    April 21, 2010 Planing Commission Meeting Zoo Agenda Item.

    Jan. '10 Site Fire Service plan, Large PDF image.

    Dec '09 Wetlands Assessment Drawing.

    Dec '09 Stormwater Management Drawing

    Dec '09 Creek Protection Plan Drawing.

    Dec. '08 City of Oakland Zoning Plan Map, Large PDF image.

    Nov. '96 Zoo Biotic Resources Survey, Large PDF file.
    Text Documents
    Oct. 12, 2009 Oakland Zoo 2009 Master Plan Revisions - CEQA Fact Sheet
    This is a fact sheet prepared by teh City to clarify the City's environmental review process and the environmental review documents related to the City's 1998 approval of the Master Plan the the proposed revisions to the approved Master Plan.
    Aug. 2009 Addendum to the Zoo's Master Plan: "Mitigated Negative Declaration
    This document describes why the Zoo believes all the changes to their 1998 Master Plan for development in Knowland Park require no further formal environmental impact review or another master plan document.
    May 13, 2009 Denial Discussion Letter
    This is a letter to the Zoo from the City of Oakland Planning Division summarizing telephone discussions between those two bodies regarding the incompleteness of the Zoo's application, dated April 20, 2009.
    May 8, 2009 Letter of Incomplete Determination
    This letter to the Zoo from the City of Oakland Planning Division formalizes the City's determination that the plan as submitted was incomplete.
    April 10, 2009 Application for Review
    This is the Zoo's Application for Development Review.
    April 16, 2009 Zoo Addendum to Mitigated Negative Declaration
    This document describes further additions to the Zoo's plans, along with claims they will require no further environmental impact review.
    April 2009 List of Affected Trees
    This document lists the mature trees in Knowland Park that will be affected by (i.e., removed for) the construction involved in the Zoo's development plan.
    March 8, 2008 Letter from the Sierra Club
    This letter to the Zoo from the Sierra Club argues against the Zoo's develpment plan for Knowland Park.
    March 22, 2005 Letter from the Zoo to the City asking for a financial bailout.
    This letter demonstrates the Zoo's occasional inability to support itself.
    May 23, 2005 Knowland Park Mgmt Contract
    This is the contract that formalized the management of Knowland Park and the Oakland Zoo for the City of Oakland by the East Bay Zoological Society.
    Dec. 16, 1998 CEQA Notice of Determination
    This is a letter to the Zoo from the Oakland Planning and Zoning Commission certifying that the Zoo's "Mitigated Negative Declaration" addendum to the existing environmental review of the expansion plan had been accepted by the City of Oakland.
    Dec. 15, 1998 Oakland City Council Resolution
    This resolution upholds the City Planning Commission in approving the Oakland Zoo's Master Plan.
    Master Plan Mitigation Measures
    This document defines the measures intended to migitate the effects of the Zoo's amended Master Plan, so as to negate the need for another environmental impact study of the proposed additions to the original master plan.
    Dec. 4, 1998 Memo of Understanding between the Zoo and the Local Neighborhoods
    This is an agreement of how development planning will be done and reported to the local neighborhood associations. It is formal and legally binding.
    Sept. '97 KPHA Formal Appeal to City Council
    This is a letter from the Knowland Park Homeowners Association to the Oakland City Council, explaining why the council should override the Planning Commission's approval of the East Bay Zoological Society's 1996 Master Plan for the Oakland Zoo.
    March 28, 1997 Initial Environmental Checklist
    This document is the initial checklist claiming no environment review is required for acceptance of the Zoo's development plan.
    1996 Oakland Zoo Master Plan
    This is the original version of the Zoo's master plan for expanding its presence in Knowland Park.
    Knowland Park 1975 Grant Deed
    This is the document that formally conveys Knowland Park from the State of California to the City of Oakland.
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