How You Can Help

Volunteers working the CNPS-FOKP booth at the Solano Stroll

Volunteers working the Save Knowland Park booth at the Berkeley Solano Stroll

Here’s What You Can Do…

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1. VISIT the park!

Invite a friend who has never been there. Take your kids. Take your camera…binoculars…a kite. Enjoy the open space and explore—from the smallest lichen growing on rocks pushed up millions of years ago from deep in the earth…to the panoramic view of the Bay Area stretched out to the west, a living map for all to enjoy.

2. TALK to your friends and neighbors about Knowland Park!

  • Let them know that defeating Alameda County Measure A1 (the Oakland Zoo’s parcel tax initiative) in the November 2012 election only slowed down the Zoo’s planned expansion into prime wildland habitat; it did not stop it! Knowland Park still needs to be saved from this destructive development plan.
  • Tell them what’s there: Knowland Park is Oakland’s largest remaining open space—a wildland park that is home to healthy communities of California native plants and animals, now free to the public to discover and enjoy.  And here’s a nature guide and trail map that describes the park’s diverse and abundant wildlife.
  • Tell them where it is and how to get there. Many people don’t know about Knowland Park, since the city of Oakland has failed to provide information about its existence—on maps or in park listings—over the years.
  • Encourage them to visit our website at, and check it regularly for upcoming events and new ways to help save the park.
  • Help us get the word out—encourage them to visit us on Facebook and share the park with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.


  • Browse our website. It has great photos and information about the wildlife and native plants that thrive in the park, a history of the park and the Zoo’s expansion plans, and directions for visiting.
  • Contact to request a guided tour focused on the park’s wonderful natural resources. You can also let us know if you’d like to volunteer some time to help on projects as they come up.
  • Join our email list as a supporter of Friends of Knowland Park. We’ll keep you informed of news as it develops, and let you know of additional ways to help save the park as we go.

4. POST a comment when you see an opportunity that relates to the Zoo’s expansion plan and Knowland Park specifically, or to preservation of native habitat generally, especially in urban areas.

  • East Bay Express “Zoo Gone Wild” article
  • Other news and online journal articles
  • Letters to the editor
  • Your local Patch website and other community blogs
  • Your online discussion groups (neighborhood, hiking, birding, community affairs, etc.)

5. DONATE to help with expenses.