Event: SUDDEN OAK DEATH (SOD) BLITZ 2012 Training Meeting at Knowland Park — October 6

Sudden Oak Death Infected Leaf source: Wikipedia Commons


Attend a 2-hour field treatment session offered by Dr. Matteo Garbelotto, UCCE Specialist in Forest Pathology and Mycology, UC Berkelely,  and learn about methods aimed at the prevention and spread of Sudden Oak Death.  Dr. Garbelotto will cover the latest information on SOD, integrated pest management approaches to help manage SOD, selection of ideal candidate trees for treatment, when and how to treat trees, as well as fire issues, including how and when to protect your home from SOD-related risk, when to perform yard work such as pruning so as not to increase the risk of infection, and how to safely dispose of infected plant material.

In order for treatments to be effective, a number of factors need to be considered.  Dr. Garbelotto will address these factors and demonstrate application techniques in an outdoor setting.

See below for info regarding an upcoming treatment workshop at Knowland Park



Saturday, October 6, 2 pm.  Knowland Park:  Oakland.  Contact Laura Baker – lbake66@aol.com   Map Link.

Registration: This workshop is FREE, but registration is required. To register, email your name, and affiliation (if applicable) Register by Email or call 510-847-5482.

Further details and information can be found at www.matteolab.com

Dr. Garbelotto recommends that you attend the results meeting (below) prior to the field meeting.



Date:  Thursday, October 4, 2012           Time:  6-7pm

Where:  159 Mulford Hall, UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley, CA.

Come hear the results from the SOD Blitz from April, 2012.  The meeting will last about one hour and will include:  1) the results of SOD Blitz testing in our local communities 2) The latest information and recommendations for SOD management.  3) Treatment options and strategies for your area.   You will also learn about the SODMAP, the most comprehensive map of SOD in North America showing the spread of the Sudden Oak Death pathogen.

Details and further information can be be found at www.matteolab.com, or contact Shelagh Brodersen garberparkstewards@gmail.com.

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