Knowland Park Supporters’ Meeting Nov. 9

StCuthbertChurchOaklandDATE:   Saturday, Nov. 9th

TIME:   3-5 p.m.

PLACE:   St. Cuthbert’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall
at 7932 Mountain Blvd, corner of Keller Ave.

Parking in church lot and on adjacent streets, good handicap access.

This time last year, we were deep into fighting the zoo’s hundred-million dollar tax ballot measure, A1 that would have provided the funds to bulldoze and build out Knowland Park. Thanks to so many of you who poured forth to help us, our grassroots volunteer efforts defeated the zoo’s huge paid campaign machine (which they ran from city property in violation of their contract). But while that was a thrilling victory, too many people now think the defeat of Measure A1 saved the Park. It didn’t—it just deprived the zoo of funding that would have enabled it to start right away. But the threat is still there, looming nearer than ever.

We need your help again as we head into the home stretch, and at this meeting we will explain why it’s critical that everyone help if we are to save the Park.

Though the threat is still imminent that the zoo will throw up the fence and begin bulldozing within the next year, we have more good news to discuss and we need your help setting priorities for our upcoming campaign!

If you can help with baking cookies and set-up/take-down for the meeting, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Elise at

And if you haven’t gotten around to sending your contribution to help us make our match for using our grant funds, we still need it and there’s still time! Send checks made out to CNPS (California Native Plant Society, our fiscal sponsors and partners) to our Treasurer, Lee Ann Smith, 111 Shadow Mountain, Oakland, CA 94605.

Every special “place” that has ever been saved from developers was saved because individual people banded together and worked like crazy to protect it. These are long, hard fights, and the zoo is a formidable opponent because it cloaks itself in feel-good baby animal stories and conservationist rhetoric (and some good actions like trying to save condors in the Ventana wilderness) while proceeding with plans to destroy wildlife habitat and threatened species in its own backyard. We can’t pretend that conservation is only something that happens elsewhere while making it harder for our local species to survive. Help us protect Oakland’s largest remaining park and the wildlife and plants that live there. See you Nov. 9!

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