Join Our Big Earth Day Rally on April 19…and more

There’s a lot going on with Knowland Park this month, including guest appearances by Country Joe McDonald and the duo of Hali Hammer and Randy Berge at our April 19 Earth Day Rally. Read on for details…

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Wild Oakland Sponsors Free Park Tour on April 12

 Park users will be fenced out of the heart of the park where the vast majority currently walk and observe wildlife and native plants.

Have you ever been to Knowland Park? Wild Oakland invites you to join the California Native Plant Society on April 12 from 12 noon – 2:00 pm to visit Oakland’s Knowland Park, a 500-acre wildland park and home to diverse native plant communities and wildlife. We’ll tour the native grasslands — depending upon rain, we may have wildflower displays, a look at the East Bay’s largest fairy ring of puffballs, oak woodlands, lichens, and rare maritime chaparral. Continue Reading →

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Oakland Zoo’s PR campaign is faltering, still can save Knowland Park

By Karen Smith, Oakland Tribune My Word © 2014 Bay Area News Group

A recent news report about the successful move to preserve 362 acres of natural parkland in the East Bay hills could almost have been about Knowland Park.

The land is described as a collection of steep hillsides spilling down from the ridgeline, with a mix of bays, oaks and native grasses, streams, and abundant wildlife–mountain lions, coyote, deer, hawks, snakes and other creatures–taking advantage of the open-space corridor, along with 360-degree ridgetop views for human visitors.

But it is not in Oakland; it’s in Richmond. Continue Reading →

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A Zoo Board Meeting and the Definition of “Theme Park”

Zoo Board Meeting

We are continuing our activism on behalf of beloved Knowland Park. Last month, a delegation of Park supporters attended the zoo’s board meeting, where Laura Baker of CNPS read the following in a 10-minute public comment period (extended from the original 3 minutes the board allowed): Continue Reading →

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Setting the Record Straight on the Oakland Zoo Expansion Plan

Public Comment by Laura Baker
East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society

Originally published in the Berkeley Daily Planet

In last week’s Oakland Tribune (1/9/14) Joel Parrott called for unity to launch the Oakland Zoo’s disastrous expansion plan in Knowland Park, a plan reminiscent of many grandiose projects that appeal to a seductive illusion. Parrott lashed out at park proponents who aren’t buying that destroying park land to create an illusory experience is better than holding on to the real deal. The California Trails project would fence, grade, and destroy 56 acres of prime park land in an effort to transport visitors back in time to pre-1850 California and charge them for the experience. To sell the deal, zoo execs have resorted to using secrecy and truth-twisting to make some of the more problematic aspects of the project go away. Continue Reading →

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