Oakland Magazine covers Knowland Park Fight, and Other Updates

Looking west at sunset from the area the zoo wants to fence in

Looking west at sunset over the area the zoo wants to fence in

News Updates:

Oakland Magazine covers Knowland Park Fight

Did you see the recent article in Oakland Magazine about Knowland Park and the fight to save it? If you missed it, read it here:


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Setting the Record Straight on the Oakland Zoo Expansion Plan

Public Comment by Laura Baker
East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society

Originally published in the Berkeley Daily Planet

In last week’s Oakland Tribune (1/9/14) Joel Parrott called for unity to launch the Oakland Zoo’s disastrous expansion plan in Knowland Park, a plan reminiscent of many grandiose projects that appeal to a seductive illusion. Parrott lashed out at park proponents who aren’t buying that destroying park land to create an illusory experience is better than holding on to the real deal. The California Trails project would fence, grade, and destroy 56 acres of prime park land in an effort to transport visitors back in time to pre-1850 California and charge them for the experience. To sell the deal, zoo execs have resorted to using secrecy and truth-twisting to make some of the more problematic aspects of the project go away. Continue Reading →

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BioBlitz to SAVE KNOWLAND PARK on Sunday, June 1

48_20120107_rgs_7191A BioBlitz is an intensive one-day study of biodiversity in a specific location, bringing scientists and volunteer citizen-scientists together. We’ll look for birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, insects, spiders, trees, flowers, mushrooms, even slime molds! Continue Reading →

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Events at Knowland Park

One of our energetic volunteers, has organized an amazing opportunity to have a community drum circle with some of the members of the Sistahs of the Drum Collective on Saturday, May 24 at 11am.  Come to listen, play or dance! Bring your family and friends. Check out their website and be sure to check out their videos at www.sistahsofthedrum.org. Continue Reading →

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Snakes, Lies, and Cutting Red Tape: How the Oakland Zoo is Gaming the System

Earth Day demonstration against the Zoo’s Proposal - Photo by Karen Smith

Earth Day demonstration against the Zoo’s latest proposal – Photo by Karen Smith

It is difficult to imagine the Oakland Zoo proposing anything more outrageous than their plan to build an environmentally destructive “conservation” exhibit on the richest and most sensitive lands in Knowland Park, but in their latest proposal the preposterous trumps the outrageous. The upshot of their bold move toward endgame is that not only would the public lose far more park land than initially approved, but all public access to the very best native plant habitat in the park would be legally barred forever.

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