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Tree Appeal Decision, Next Step



The hearing officer made his decision: Our appeal against the Zoo’s permit to cut down protected oak trees was denied. Continue Reading →

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We presented our case at a full-house City hearing on August 18. It was based on our written appeal to protest the Oakland Tree Services decision to grant Zoo management (East Bay Zoological Society) a tree “removal” permit. The permit allows the Zoo to cut down 48 protected Coast live oaks and put 428 more oaks and other native trees at risk during the planned zoo expansion into Knowland Park. Save Knowland Park volunteers spoke to six major issues in the Zoo’s permit application. Others in the audience spoke eloquently of the importance of protecting the dwindling number of Oakland’s namesake trees. Continue Reading →

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“Zoo Gone Wild” Investigative Article Lays It Out!

Knowland Park from above, © 2013 Steve Whittaker"

Knowland Park from above
© 2013 Steve Whittaker”

The East Bay Express has published an in-depth article about the zoo’s expansion plans in Knowland Park called “Zoo Gone Wild.

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Snakes, Lies, and Cutting Red Tape: How the Oakland Zoo is Gaming the System

Earth Day demonstration against the Zoo’s Proposal - Photo by Karen Smith

Earth Day demonstration against the Zoo’s latest proposal – Photo by Karen Smith

It is difficult to imagine the Oakland Zoo proposing anything more outrageous than their plan to build an environmentally destructive “conservation” exhibit on the richest and most sensitive lands in Knowland Park, but in their latest proposal the preposterous trumps the outrageous. The upshot of their bold move toward endgame is that not only would the public lose far more park land than initially approved, but all public access to the very best native plant habitat in the park would be legally barred forever.

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WHAT A TURNOUT for the Save Knowland Park Rally on Sunday!!!

A supporter of Knowland Park and it's wildlife

A supporter of Knowland Park and its wildlife

Thanks to ALL who worked so hard to make it happen – donating materials, making signs, contributing speeches or music, leading cheers, waving signs, running our “shuttle,” sharing the information with others and turning out for a fun afternoon. It was truly inspiring to see people just keep coming and coming and coming as the crowd grew. Continue Reading →

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